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Kelly Ng

Kelly Ng

As a U.S. graduate, I've seen first-hand how studying abroad can help an individual grow and learn to think from many different perspectives. We hope to help more students understand their options, so that they can make informed decisions and get the best out of their study abroad experience.

Winnie Kuan

Winnie Kuan

The best part about being in the world of education is seeing the students succeed in achieving everything they hoped to achieve and more. We have been doing this for 7 years, and we look forward to supporting more students, families and college/university representatives in the years to come.

Our philosophy.

The best decision that any student can ever make is for them to choose to spend their time at a place where they will be able to happily live, learn, give and succeed at. We believe that this can be achieved when students are advised based on their needs and goals; and that is what we strive towards.

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Non-biased Counseling

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Validity of Information

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Undivided Passion for Education

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Student-Centered Approach